Education Highlights

Monday, January 17th – Tuesday, January 18th, 8:00 AM– 11:00 AM each morning

Culture Index – Data Analytics and Your Employees

Join us at SIGMA’s Executive Leadership Conference for two mornings of workshops diving into data analytics that can transform an organization.

Top performing organizations require real data to make real people decisions. Mike DePauw, Executive Advisor with Culture Index, joins SIGMA to take attendees through some of the biggest the issues facing employers today – employee job productivity and employee recruitment. Our industry is facing a labor shortage and there are ways to keep employees on board from hiring to job performance. Forming an efficient organizational structure while providing an implementation process to increase ROI can lead to success!

This workshop is designed to not only understand your own characteristics on the job but to help you learn what to look for in those you bring on, taking the subjectivity out of employee decisions while promoting sustainable growth. Through analyzing seven work related traits, you can determine effectiveness:

  • Autonomy
  • Social-Ability
  • Patience
  • Community
  • Energy Units
  • Logic
  • Ingenuity

A company can also use this data for more than just recruitment, engagement, and management; it can lead to a fuller understanding of many employee matters including:

  • Employee Performance against Job Performance
  • Correct Placement of the Right People in the Right Jobs
  • Succession Planning
  • Understanding Job Fit Analysis
  • Employee Accountability for Human Decisions
  • Talent Management & Retention
  • Team Building and Leadership

Attendees will be able to take a very short, two question assessment to learn their own breakdown of these traits and then learn how these can be applied to hiring practices, using analytics instead of instinct to make the informed decisions.