What are SIGs?

SIGMA SIGs are designed to provide members with the setting to meet and learn from other non-competing marketers. While other organizations have created similar programs for corporate executives, these are often multi-industry, local and high-cost. SIGs are focused on motor fuel marketing that is national in scope and reasonably priced.


What Members Like About SIGs

These groups are member-run. Members of each SIG decide when and where to meet and what topics to discuss. SIGMA staff supports with administrative services, so members can focus on content rather than process.

More features of Special Interest Groups include:

  • Build one-to-one professional relationships

  • Discuss issues at your own pace – for as long as you like

  • Meet when and where you want in meetings designed and directed by you

  • All the benefits of an outside Board of Directors without the hassle

  • Members can withdraw from a SIG at any time

  • Each Special Interest Group develops its own personality based on the needs of constituent members

  • Small and intimate group, encouraging frank and open exchange


How Can I Join a SIG?

SIGs are closed groups, with staff assigning members to participate in order to comply with the non-compete environment that has been established. However, we do our best to find a place for all interested members in our existing SIGs. In addition, we are always open to creating new groups as the need comes forth.

We currently have the following SIG groups:

Interested in joining a SIG? Start by contacting Marilyn Selvitelle at 703-375-0486 or by email at [email protected].