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Education Highlights

Opening General Session
An Economic Update from Dr. Philip Verleger

A powerhouse in energy markets, Dr. Philip Verleger joins SIGMA for a dive into the fuel markets of today.  The independents are being squeezed in all directions – the pickle in the middle – as more issues affect the fuel market daily. The conversations around EVs, the lack of investment from big oil, the ups and downs of OPEC can all affect how you run your business. Dr. Verleger uses his decades of experience to bring a candid look at today’s markets. 

Business Meeting and General Session
Assessing the Life Cycle Impacts of Electric and Combustion Engine Vehicles

John Eichberger, Executive Director of the Fuels Institute, breaks down the study commissioned by SIGMA evaluating the lifecycle environmental impacts of electric and internal combustion engine vehicles, including the energy sources that power them and the economic impact on consumers. Learn how these vehicles stack up against each other, where there may be opportunities to improve their environmental performance and explore how this insight may affect the evolution of the transportation market.

Breakfast Education Session 
Cybersecurity – The Importance to Your Business

From the National Cyber Forensics & Training Alliance, Matt LaVigna, President and CEO, discusses the importance of all aspects of cybersecurity - some say we are in the midst of a “cyberwar”.  If that’s the case, then we all need to know who the enemy is, what their tactics are, and how we can defend ourselves.  Join us for a discussion on the current cyber threat landscape and the real life impact these threats have on companies, including real world examples of cyber-criminal activity i.e. “the anatomy of an attack”.