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How Can I Contribute to SIGMAPAC?

Email Amy Rider at for information on contributing to SIGMAPAC.

The Marketers' Voice on Capitol Hill

Our Federal Political Action Committee, known as SIGMAPAC, concentrates almost exclusively on candidate positions relative to issues affecting motor fuel marketing. Federal environmental, labor and tax legislation continue to significantly impact and create opportunities for the independent gasoline marketing industry.

Working with Congress

As with most sophisticated associations, SIGMA employs a multi-faceted approach to representing our members’ interests on Capitol Hill. SIGMAPAC supports House and Senate legislators who are in a position to assist SIGMA achieve its legislative and regulatory goals.

The Source of Representation

A strong SIGMAPAC is essential to SIGMA’s long tradition of effective representation of independent marketers on Capitol Hill. Funding for all federal political action committees must come from individual contributors rather than corporations. Therefore, every SIGMA member company is encouraged to authorize SIGMAPAC to solicit its senior management for contributions. Authorization is required to permit SIGMAPAC representatives to approach members of your team to discuss financial support.