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2020 SIGMA Share Groups Frequently Asked Questions

• What platform will be used for the Share Groups?

SIGMA will host the meetings on Microsoft Teams. You’ll be able to either download the Teams app or access through the Teams website. More information about Teams is here. (

• When will links be sent to attendees?

All links for each meeting will be sent in early September. The links will be in the form of a calendar invite from Liz Menz, SIGMA’s Director of Education.  The invite will also include instructions for accessing each group. 

How will peer to peer sharing take place?

Each participant will be able to use the video capabilities to see their peers and have live conversations either through the chat function or in conversation.  

• Will presentations be live?

Content will be live and attendees will be able to interact with each speaker as they are presenting.

• Will PowerPoint presentations be available after the meeting?

Yes, all presentations will be available after the conclusion of each group.  Instructions on how to access will be sent to all attendees post-meeting. 

• I don’t have a camera on my computer.  Can I still participate?

Absolutely! While you might not be able to appear on video yourself, you will still have the full function of being able to see other attendees and all presentations/presenters.

• My question isn’t on this list. Who do I contact?

For any questions about registration, please contact 
For questions about content or Microsoft Teams, please contact