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IGM Magazine

The Readers: SIGMA member companies have long been recognized, both within and outside the industry, as the most aggressive, innovative, and price-competitive segment of motor fuel marketers. The readers of Independent Gasoline Marketing are the owners, CEO’s, and key executives of such companies. This bi-monthly magazine has a circulation of over 3000 people.

Convention Program Books

SIGMA’s convention attendees include owners, CEO’s, and key executives of member companies. The Convention Program Books are the are the ready reference guides for all SIGMA convention attendees for the meeting schedule, event details, and education session content.

SIGMA Membership Directory

Give your ad year-long exposure to the petroleum industry’s largest independent chain retailers and we’ll give you their names and addresses! Add the names of the decision-makers at these companies to your prospect list. Get your message in front of them for a full year. There is no other way to get this list.

For more information about Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities with SIGMA please contact Nancy Muskett at 703-709-7000 or